Pyrates seek reforms in education sector

The National Association of Seadogs, Pyrates Confraternity, and Ash Montana Deck have urged for educational reforms and institutional improvements in Nigeria, saying that doing so will assist establish a secure, just, and progressive society and future. 

According to the group's Capoon, Adebesin Ayodele, the country is in desperate need of an educational system and framework that is constructively and productively forward-looking in placing us for the future and building the kind of society we seek. 

Ayodele went on to say that instead of importing systems from other countries, Nigeria should develop its own hybrid educational system and policies tailored to its unique experience. 

"Education is important for a viral society; without education, there will be no civilisation or growth," the statement stated. As a result, the government and other stakeholders must prioritize education for peace and sustainable development as soon as possible." 

The group blamed the country's educational problems, including out-of-school children, a decline in educational development, and a lack of interest in education on a variety of factors, including "inequality, poverty, insecurity, infrastructure decay, our eroding value systems, violence, and the rather retrogressive, obsolete educational system and policies that appear not to be positioning us to compete globally in the ever-changing global economy." 

According to the publisher, education will educate youngsters. 
It thus urged the government and other policymakers to cease paying lip service to tackling the challenges plaguing education in Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of sincerity of purpose in policy thrust, promises made, and their implementation. 

"Corruption, with its repercussions, is at the heart of the crises," it stated. Combating corruption and corrupt behaviors will help a lot. The government should do more to decrease poverty and raise the standard of living for families; offer social amenities for the people; and build or improve school infrastructure." 

According to Nigerianwatch, the International Day of Education is observed worldwide on January 24 to highlight the importance of education for global peace and sustainable development. This year, the event was highlighted with the theme, "To invest in people, prioritise education". 

According to Ayodele, the group chose the sub-theme "Reinventing our educational system for a secure and progressive future" to commemorate the occasion.

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