Tension as Abuja pastor brings AK 47 to altar

Pastor Uche Aigbe, the presiding pastor of the House on the Rock Abuja chapter, caused a stir on Sunday when he mounted the pulpit carrying an AK 47 rifle. 

The incident occurred during the second service, which frequently has a large congregation from various parts of the Federal Capital Territory. 

The pastor made his way to the altar, brandishing the gun, as many members of his congregation exchanged glances, trying to figure out what was going on. 

Without looking at his worshippers, an unflinching Aigbe walked up to the lectern, aware of the tension his action had created. 

But as he made attempt to open his Bible, the preacher looked up and said teasingly, "Some people are looking for my trouble. And I arrived prepared. 

"Today, there are some pastors who have the gift of divination and go around ripping people off. This is why we must arm ourselves and defend ourselves. I will be arriving very soon for some of you who are sleeping in the church." 

His response elicited laughter from the entire congregation as he continued preaching on "guarding your hearts from false teachers" and "faith without work is dead." 

It was unclear whether the gun he brandished was loaded or not.

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