PRP denies collapsing structure for Tinubu

The Peoples Redemption Party has debunked rumors that it has collapsed its structure in support of the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, ahead of the 2023 presidential election on Saturday.

The party's Ogun State chairman, Samson Okusanya, told reporters in Abeokuta that the party is still in the race to win, and that its presidential candidate remains Abdulateef Kolawale Abiola.

Because of the sensitive nature of the situation, Okusanya felt it was necessary to address the rumor.

He stated that the party's reputation, integrity, and years of hard work are about to be undermined by the actions of a few people.

"For the first time since 1983, the PRP is participating in presidential elections, and the visibility of the party across various levels is both encouraging and threatening to the adversaries of the common people who have continued to seize and remain in power for self-enrichment and oppression of the masses," he added.

"With the promise of bringing liberation to the people of Nigeria, the PRP has fielded Gubernatorial candidates, Senatorial candidates, House of Representatives candidates, and House of Assembly candidates.

"This visible presence and growing acceptability of the PRP is threatening the positions of opponent political parties and as such, they have chosen to deploy every means including, falsehood, lies and propaganda to smear the image of the PRP, in the hope that doing so will bolster their chances at the polls.

"As we speak, the grand finale of the presidential rally is taking place in Kano, as the party finalizes its campaign in accordance with INEC guidelines.

"The presidential candidate of the Party, Abdulateef Kolawale Abiola, is still very much in the race and is positioned to coast to victory. A reality that unsettles the other parties' actors.

"Therefore, the public is hereby urged to disregard any malicious rumour that the structure of the PRP at any level is collapsing itself to support any candidate outside of the political party, albeit one whose track record and character are questionable and puts him in contradiction to the values and ideologies of the party.

"The news of allegiance to Tinubu or any other candidate is false; it is contrary to our party's values and principles, and investigations are ongoing to establish the complicity of the quoted officials, with a view to punitive action."

As the campaign deadline approaches, the Chairman urged supporters to continue canvassing for its candidates across the board.

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