Mikano unveils new auto product

Mikano Motors has introduced a new product, Changan Auto, into the Nigerian automobile market. 

"Mikano Motors' partnership with Changan Auto is a powerful alliance that will further change the landscape of automobile ownership in Nigeria, in the wake of the Geely brand's success," said Ralph Haidar, General Manager of Mikano Motors, at a press conference in Lagos. 

"We expect around 15 models from this brand, which will complement our lineup from Geely Auto, Maxus, and ZNA." 

According to the company, Mikano Motors/Changan will provide a six-year/200,000km (whichever comes first) warranty to all new customers and a five-year warranty to existing Changan owners. 

Mikano Motors promised that with 15 Changan models, there would be a car to suit everyone's needs. 

"This is the first of its kind in all of Africa and one of the reasons why the Changan brand is performing well in some West African countries, especially of note, Ivory Coast. This is also true for many Gulf countries such as Qatar, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, where warranties are even longer. 

"As a leading global provider of quality automobile sales and services, with a clear understanding of producing quality vehicles and considering the disposable income of auto buyers declines as a result of the global economic recession and other domestic factors, we understand that businesses and individuals need cars that combine durability, affordability, as well as luxury and technology, which is what Changan and Mikano Motors are known to provide to its customers," 

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