115 patients benefit from UBTH subsidised surgery

Over 115 patients will benefit from free surgery at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital as part of the institution's 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Prof. Darlington Obaseki, Chief Medical Director of UBTH, said on Tuesday that the patients had been registered and screened and that the surgery comes with a 50% subsidy as a way of giving back to society.

He went on to say that assessing medical care on a global scale is not cheap, especially for those who are not covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Obaseki stated that the hospital is still committed to providing high-quality medical services to Nigerians seeking quality healthcare.

"In this month of February, UBTH is providing a 50% subsidy on some high-end minimal-invasive procedures such as endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries, colonoscopy, and optical coherence tomography, among others," he said.

"We hope that this will go a long way toward assisting patients seeking medical care as well as demonstrating that as a medical institution, we care about the society in which we operate," he added.

Some of the patients praised UBTH, noting that the development was unusual and expressing gratitude for being among the recipients of the subsidized surgeries.

A patient simply identified as Lucky, who spoke on behalf of other beneficiaries, said he was one of the patients who benefited from the subsidized surgery after having lost hope in accessing healthcare services at other hospitals due to the high cost of getting medical care.

"I must say that I consider myself fortunate to have received subsidized surgery. Before this opportunity, I sought medical attention at several hospitals. "I have to applaud the hospital for this gesture," he said.

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