Mental, physical fitness essential for presidency – Ex-APC aspirant

On Monday, Charles Udeogaranya, a former All Progressives Congress presidential candidate in the 2019 elections, urged Nigerians to vote for candidates who are mentally and physically fit to serve as president.

Udeogaranya stated this in a press statement issued in Abuja on Friday and made available to The Nigerianwatch.

The former All Progressives Congress chieftain accused both the ruling APC and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party of offering Nigerians options that were both advanced in age and physically incapable of resolving the country’s problems.

The news comes just a week after the former APC politician endorsed Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

He defended his actions, claiming that his ex-Muslim-Muslim party’s ticket posture was a clear indication of an Islamisation agenda and a despotic government.

In his most recent statement, Udeogaranya stated that mental and physical fitness are critical for the office of Mr. President beginning in 2023.

“While I wish everyone a long and healthy life,” he said, “it cannot be overstated that a woman at 70 years of age is clinically dead in terms of childbirth.”

“These flawed characteristics are demonstrated by APC and PDP candidates, but a repeat of the 2015 scenario after all the warning signs will be disastrous.”

“Both the APC and the PDP cannot promise to fix a nation suffering from a chronic imbalance of representation while also nominating Muslim presidential candidates to succeed a Muslim president who has been in office for eight years in a predominantly Christian nation.”

“The tragedy of such poor and irrational choices made by the APC-PDP political parties in the nomination of their 2023 presidential candidates is compounded by the poor choice of selection of their running mates, who have not demonstrated a presidential plan in their entire political life.”

“These running mates will be unable to contribute to their principals or effectively stand in the gap when their principals, as expected, relocate to their hospital beds overseas,” he said.

He did, however, urge Nigerian voters in the 2023 presidential election not to exacerbate the country’s leadership problems by voting for or campaigning for ineffective presidential candidates like the APC and PDP.

According to Udeogaranya, only the Labour Party presented a candidate who is mentally and physically fit for the presidency.

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