How to report PoS operators charging above N200 – CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria has issued emergency phone numbers where Nigerians can report Points of Sales agents selling new naira notes or charging more than N200 for withdrawals of up to N10,000.

Mr Joseph Omayuku, Director, CBN Governor's Department, disclosed this during a press conference in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State's capital, on Tuesday.

Omayuku advised members of the public to report erring PoS agents by contacting the CBN contact centre on 07002255226; Telephone Ext: 711025 - 7; and its social media handles.

The scarcity of new naira notes has bitten Nigerians hard, with many rejecting the old notes as legal tender, and some state governors deciding to sue the Federal Government for the difficulties they have faced in their respective states.

Despite the difficulties associated with the redesign policy, there have been reports of outages in bank online payment platforms, resulting in failed transactions.

According to observers, the problems arise because digital platforms are not robust enough to handle the recent surge in electronic transactions as people turn to online payments in response to cash shortages.

Those who oppose online payments do so for a variety of reasons.

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