Firm canvasses partnerships on construction materials

PPC Limited, an engineering and infrastructure development firm, has advised contractors to overcome material sourcing challenges in their building construction projects by forming strong partnerships with global suppliers.

Given the high cost of building materials and supply chain issues, the company stated in a statement that supplier relationships had become increasingly important to the timely delivery of engineering projects.

Anand Kumar, Head of the Building Services Engineering division at PPC Limited, stated that with the expected increase in port capacity in Nigeria with the unveiling of the Lekki deep seaport, engineering contractors must play a role in ensuring building materials are delivered on time.

"Supply chain delays caused by freight congestion at the ports, poor infrastructure, and high shipping costs are some of the top challenges slowing down the progress of construction projects in Nigeria. Rising costs and lengthy delays have significant consequences for engineering projects, including increased operational costs, reduced productivity, and damage to client relationships, to name a few. There is, however, hope with the expansion of port capacity through the construction of the $1.5 billion deep water port in Lekki, Lagos."

Ifeoluwa Ogunfuwa, PPC's Media Strategist, also stated that "engineering contractors should anticipate supply disruptions such as material shortages, geopolitical disruptions, and other vulnerabilities."

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